Orchestria: How To Reduce Costs & Consolidate Resources

By Global Relay on October 26, 2017
Global Relay



After extensive due diligence, a major bank with 10,000+ users engaged Global Relay for its integrated Archiving, Supervision, eDiscovery, Legal Hold and Analytics requirements. Our latest case study details this global bank's transition from CA Data Protection/Orchestria to Global Relay. In this case study, you will learn about the main challenge's the bank faced using CA Data Protection/Orchestria along with the solutions provided by its adoption of Global Relay services.

Read how Global Relay helped the major bank to achieve:

  • Cost Savings
  • More Effective Policies
  • Consolidated Services
  • Improved Workflows
  • Eliminated Complexities 

GR-CS-Orchestria-170823-FINAL Cover.jpg


Want to learn more about how you can save money and consolidate resources in your surveillance program?


Read the full case study now!




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